Model Comparisons 2021

Model Comparisons 2021

Audio samples played by Fiona Harrison

This is a sound test of one batch of guitars, an unusually large batch, made in 2021 played by my friend Fiona in my local village hall. I wanted this to be the sort of test that guitarists like to do just to compare new instruments. There is no editing whatsoever, the microphone is an AKG C414 set in front at around 2m and a secondary microphone, a Beyer 84, in front at around 5m. 80% of the sound is from the AKG.

Fiona Harrison, photo by Clare Park
Fiona Harrison, photo by Clare Park

The instruments are a couple of weeks old only and unplayed. It must be considered that this is a very raw state in which to be comparing guitars, particularly between models. GC4 models typically take longer to develop in the treble. All models make large improvements even if not played in the first few weeks. This though, is the usual and only time that I, as the maker, get to hear and compare them and in some cases I never get to hear a particular guitar again at all. So, welcome to my world!

At this stage I am looking for potential and a feeling for how the instrument is going to develop from here, notwithstanding the variable that is the playing of the new owner. That last point is one that is in favour of making a test at this time, since they have not been played in or ‘imprinted’ by any personality or climatic environment dissimilar to the one in which they were built.

I am also aware that a recorded sound sample by one guitarist, and even a guitar heard in a particular place from the front is not the whole story when making judgements. There is also the feel of it, the acoustics, the suitability for personal playing style and even repertoire will have a bearing. Being so limited, you may have to listen very carefully to hear differences that would be much more obvious in person.

I would like to thank Fiona Harrison for travelling over to test these out for me. It can’t have been easy to be expected to play exactly the same on each guitar!


The strings used in all samples are Royal Classic Sonata Forté

Excerpts from; The Legend of Hagoromo- Keigo Fujii; La Catedral-Barrios; Caprico Catalán- Albeniz



GCII Spruce/Ebony








GCII Spruce/Bog Oak




GC4.2 Spruce/Ebony




GC4.2 Small Cedar/Cocobolo