A selection of my favourite quotes


Raymond Burley Testimonial for Woodfield Guitars“I can honestly say that my new Philip Woodfield Grand Concert guitar comes as close to the perfect instrument as could be imagined. It has volume, is comfortable to play and the balance between bass and treble is exceptional. The guitar has rich, resonant basses and clear, ringing trebles with bags of sustain. I will be using it for all my future concerts and recordings. It’s a fine instrument.”

Raymond Burley

Scott Tennant Testimonial for Woodfield Guitars”It is by far the most refined lattice-braced top guitar that I’ve ever heard or played! I love the sustain, depth of sound and the playability.”

Scott Tennant

Giulio Tempalini Testimonial for Woodfield Guitars “Philip Woodfield’s guitars are simply the best guitars I’ve ever played…incredible volume combined with a pure sound quality to obtain all the effects and tones you desire. Perfect for solo performances as well as for chamber music. Your life will change, like mine, after trying these wonderful instruments.”

Giulio Tampalini


“Philip Woodfield’s guitars are truly exceptional. They combine the beauty, grace and variety of traditional models with all the volume and power one expects from modern lattice guitars. They are the perfect instruments for today’s classical guitarist and I can honestly say that I have never heard or played anything better.” Michael O’Toole

“Just spent the last couple of days getting to know the guitar and I can honestly say without hesitation that it is the finest guitar I have ever played or owned, I absolutely love it.” Tom Lawrence

Woodfield Guitars 7 string
“What can I say…it’s a masterpiece! The sound is not what I imagined. I thought there might be a bit more of a ‘lattice’ sound, but there isn’t…it’s a pure, sweet sound with none of the edge I had expected, but the volume is all there with loads of headroom…it’s without doubt the best guitar I’ve ever played” Clive Parnell

“Have just re-strung both guitars and they are just stunning. Wonderful sounds, lovely to play. Can’t keep up with the possibilities they are so xxxx great. 7 string as clear as a bell… Can’t thank you enough, ever.” Paul Croft

”The lightness of action for the left hand was amazing, the overall richness of sound coming from the instrument was stunning. A certain clearness and lightness in articulation was given by this instrument that I only know from instruments built in the tradition of Louis Panormo -just three times as loud. Whatever musical style I performed, it was a revelation in pleasure and touch. Bach sounded clear and articulated. Giuliani sounded like being played on a 19th century instrument. Lauro sounded warm and sweet. I couldn’t find any music in my repertoire that didn’t sound elevated by your instrument. My biggest, biggest compliments to you on your achievements in building instruments of such quality and character. You must have been told many times that your instruments…are loud, you even mention it on your website yourself. But it is really a step beyond louder in my opinion. There are absolutely no trade-offs for the enhanced volume. How do you do it? Our trio performed a chamber music recital with music by Molino, Moll, Willis, von Weber and Diabelli for guitar, flute and viola. You might think that performing a recital on a guitar that one never played before for more than two minutes might be a challenge. It wasn’t. Your guitar was spectacular, it was like playing on a guitar that I had known since my youth. The balance between the three instruments was perfect.”

Thomas Koch




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