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Duo Kupinski playing GCII guitars – Enrique Granados – Valses Poeticos

Duo Kupinski playing GCII guitars – Astor Piazzolla Zita


Marcin Dylla playing a GCIII/GCII hybrid – Variations sur “Folia de España” et Fugue by Manuel Maria Ponce



The following are audio samples which you can click to play. Please allow time to load.


‘Danza Ritual’

Manuel de Falla, performed by Duo Kupinski

on a Grand Concert II Guitar

Manuel de Falla



Composed and performed by Arne Brattland

on  a Series One guitar.


‘Karleks Valse’ (excerpt)

Ulrik Neumann, played by Arne Brattland

on a Grand Concert guitar.

Karleks Valse


Please note that recordings have been made at different times and in varying recording environments. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately portray the true sound of the guitar in order to make a direct comparison. Nevertheless, I hope that these recordings give some idea of the sound quality of the guitars.


Music Track Information and Credits

A big thanks to Ewa and Dariusz for allowing me to use excerpts from their new video. For further details please visit 


Many thanks to Giulio Tampalini for allowing me to use his video. For more information, please visit


arnWarm thanks to Arne Brattland for kindly allowing his work to be published on this website.

Tracks (Arctic Suite) recorded in St. Martins Church, East Woodhay, England 1996-1997. Recordings sponsored by Norsk kassettavgifsfond, Nordnorsk kulturrad and Rana commune.

 The guitar used in Arne Brattland’s recordings is a Series One Model.

‘Lullaby’ (Vuggesang, © Arne Brattland, 1987) Original track converted to MP3 by the UK Trading Sound Studio. Other Demonstration tracks are also taken from Arne Brattland’s ‘Arctic Suite’ CD (ARCD 1997-003).

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